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Wandia’s Wonderful World of Clothes and Adventure

What inspired your journey to become an author /  journey to creativity ? My daughters are the inspiration behind creating stories and getting the courage to share those stories with the world. When my first born daughter was 2 years…

Meet Maria’s Magical world of Kanga

Meet Maria Biswalo, an international educator and mother to bicultural children. She is a lover of arts, fashion and edutainment. We had a banter about her creative journey to the sensational and crowd pleaser children’s book “ Mama’s magical kanga”…

The donkey and the cricket

Once upon a time, the donkey and the cricket were good friends. One day the donkey asked the cricket. “My dear friend, what is the secret to your great vision?”  “Oh, dear friend”, The cricket replied, ” It is the…

How the hyena lost his bicycle

Once upon a time, the hare and the hyena used to be good friends. The hare a very nice bicycle. The hyena kept comparing the bicycles and how fast  the hare’s was against his. Everyone around, kept saying how cool it…

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