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The donkey and the cricket

Once upon a time, the donkey and the cricket were good friends. One day the donkey asked the cricket. “My dear friend, what is the secret to your great vision?” 

“Oh, dear friend”, The cricket replied, ” It is the morning dew that I get everyday from the grass”. 

The donkey decided to get on a morning dew diet and refused to take grass which he was used to. Days later, he was too hungry and had lost much weight.

When he meet with his friend, the cricket was as vibrant and healthy as usual. 

When the Cricket, saw the donkey, he was sad that his friend looked so tired and hungry and could hardly see anything.

What is the moral of this story ?

It’s always good to appreciate the strengths and attributes of others, but it’s equally important to recognize and value our own unique qualities and paths in life. Trying to imitate someone else’s journey or abandoning our own path can lead to negative outcomes, just like the donkey in the story experienced. 
Embracing our individuality and staying true to ourselves allows us to flourish and make the most of our own abilities.

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