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Wandia’s Wonderful World of Clothes and Adventure

I must admit, the process of writing my first book was fast tracked because I met Lorraine! Lorraine is not a gatekeeper, she willingly, cheerfully shared the details when I asked, she was my first guide when I took on self publishing. She is a self published author, learnt through errors and triumphs on what it takes to bring an idea to reality . She is a wonderful human who has authored a lovely adventure book for girls “ Wandia Wears Clothes ”.

The Question is ? What will Wandia do Next ? Let’s delve into Wandia’s dressing escapades.

What inspired your journey to become an author /  journey to creativity ?

My daughters are the inspiration behind creating stories and getting the courage to share those stories with the world. When my first born daughter was 2 years old, I realized that all the books I bought her had white main characters. Sometimes there would be a brown character somewhere in the background, but never as the lead of the story. I wondered what message that was sending to my little brown girl and started actively looking for children’s books with people of color as the protagonists. When I discovered that the options were not as many, I was inspired to write one of my own.

As a child, what was your favorite story to read or listen to ?

I don’t think I can pick one specific story as a child, but I know I loved the Disney Princess stories. I had a copy of all of them and they were even the first books I bought my daughter. I got Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the beast, Snow White … all of them. 

Was there a particular thing or inspiration that made you think “ I want to share my stories ?”

I mentioned it earlier; it was the realization that there was less representation of our children in majority of the books they consume. I came across a quote that said, “If you don’t see the book you want on the shelves, write it”, so I did!

Is there something you wish you knew before you started ?

“At the beginning, I thought the hardest part was writing the book. Now, as a self-published author with the book in stores, I realize that printing, distributing and marketing the book were the toughest bits of the journey. I wish I did a lot more research before diving into the process.

Finish this sentence, to trap my creativity, I………………………

I play with my children and experience what children value and get excited by.

What was the first story you wrote, and what was it about ?

“My first story ever, according to my father,  was a murder mystery with a cop named Doogie and his partner, Rellik. My dad keeps telling me, “Remember Rellik and Doogie?” Can you guess who the bad guy turned out to be in the end? I was a big Scooby doo fan as a child and loved the bad guy reveals – still a fan honestly.”

What do you do when you are not writing ?

When I am not writing, I am out with my two fun-loving daughters exploring the town and discovering new places we can enjoy together.

What are some of the books or authors that have inspired your writing or creative journey ?

There are so many wonderful books that inspire me to be a better writer. Locally, one of the Kenyan authors I admire is Melissa Wakhu. She has written many children’s books that are a beautiful representation and celebration of African children, our culture and experiences.

Describe your book(s) for people who are just learning about it

“My first book is called ‘Wandia wears clothes’ and it is about a brave young girl named Wandia. She has a favorite outfit that she loves wearing day in and day out, but one day she encounters obstacles that make her question her beloved outfit choice. 

Advice for aspiring authors ?

My advice for aspiring authors would be to read widely in the genre and age group you want to write in. It will help hone your writing skills and discover what readers enjoy, that you can improve in your own creations.

Is there anything you would like readers to take away from your book ?

It is a fun dress-up adventure story with beautiful illustrations and an easy-to-follow storyline. ‘Wandia wears clothes’ is a perfect conversation starter for discussing getting dressed and choosing the most suitable outfit for the day with your children.” I hope people enjoy the book as it is a fun story, that it resonates with them and they see it as a good representation and celebration of our children.

Fun question trivia 

Where to find her books ?

You can also reach out directly via Her Instagram page

Her books are widely available at major leading stores in Kenya : Text book center, Bookfirst and many others.

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