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How the hyena lost his bicycle

Once upon a time, the hare and the hyena used to be good friends.

The hare a very nice bicycle. The hyena kept comparing the bicycles and how fast  the hare’s was against his.

Everyone around, kept saying how cool it was and it made him get a lot of friends and admirers.

The hyena’s bicycle  was an old model that worked just fine, he just got jealous with all the attention the hare was getting.


 As time went by the hyena became jealous of the hare’s  bicycle. One day the hyena hatched a plan against the hare’s bicycle.

He convinced the hare that they trade their bicycles to some visitors that wanted to explore the town. 

The visitors in question were some pack of wolves that used to take items from people and never returned them.

They were known as the “ village bullies”. The hare was smart enough to know that, this was not a good deal. In the morning, the hyena, went ahead and gave the Wolf Parkers his bike so that he could appease them and be in their good books.  

The hare on the other side, decided to stay at home and not follow through with the plan. 

When the wolf Parker had left, the hyena came to the hare to confirm whether he had followed the plan. The hare was still there with his bicycle and the hyena was remorseful. 

The moral of this story is that jealousy and comparison can lead us to make unwise decisions and ultimately harm ourselves. The hyena’s jealousy of the hare’s attention and popularity drove him to hatch a plan to sabotage the hare’s bicycle. However, the hare’s wise judgment allowed him to see through the hyena’s plan and avoid falling victim to the wolves.

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